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Data protection declaration

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union regulation that harmonises the rules governing the processing of personal data by private companies and public authorities throughout the EU. The aim is to ensure the protection of personal data within the European Union and the free movement of data within the European internal market.

Organisation of the Registry

The Register for Citroën 7.5 h.p. models is a community of interest and not an association in the sense of association law. The organisation has no commercial background. The activities are mainly financed by private initiative and occasionally by small donations from private individuals.
The objectives of the Registry are as follows: The register of Citroën 5HP takes great care to protect the data of the registered persons and their vehicles. This privacy policy explains the collection, use, disclosure, storage and protection of personal data.

Person-related data

Protection of personal data

Personal data is protected by technical and organisational security measures in order to minimize risks in connection with its loss, misuse, unauthorised access as well as unauthorised disclosure and modification. We use firewalls and data encryption (, for example, but also physical access restrictions in our host's data centers and authorization controls for data access.

Census of personal data

The personal data is mainly communicated by the owner of a Citroën 7.5 h.p. via the online registration form, the request for access to the reserved zone or through the registration card.

Access to stored personal data

Users who have access to the reserved zone are able to view and, if necessary, modify all personal and vehicle data.

Publication of personal data

Public publication

For publicly accessible publications on the Internet, for example, only the first letter of the name is used. Photos on which people are recognizable or readable license plates are partially pixelated. All published data evaluations (graphics, statistics, etc.) are displayed anonymously.

Reserved zone

To protect the protection of personal data of registered owners of Citroën 7.5 h.p. there is a reserved zone, which is only accessible with a personal authentication. Information, documents and images that are not intended for the public are thus protected. Citroën 5HP owners can apply for access to this zone. The application is subject to an exact multi-stage check, during which the plausibility of the information as well as the authenticity of the photo is checked on the basis of required photos of the vehicle. By sending the access data to the postal address of the applicant, the existence and correctness of the address will be established.

Disclosure of data

Personal data can be passed on internally within the registered persons on request. This can be done at the request of an owner to contact a address of an owner or when searching for a sample part or an identical vehicle. No personal data is given to advertising agencies or address administrators. If no internal transfer of personal data is desired, this can be reported to the register administration.

Deletion of data

The personal data is deactivated when the owner changes, but is still used to document the history of the vehicle with limited information content.

Data quality

The entries correspond to the moment of the recording time. Because the announcement of owner's change is often omitted, the accurateness of the information on the owner cannot be guaranteed.

Other protective measures

Cookies, advertisement pop-ups and similar technologies

No cookies, small text modules or advertisement pop-ups are used on the Internet pages. The only exception for cookies is applied to the spare parts wish list to assist the user.

IP addresses

IP addresses are stored on protected pages during access attempts by hacking or search engines and are placed on a blocking list if there is a potential danger.

Scope of application

We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the amended version on this website and at the same time indicating the effective date of the amended version. Any significant changes to this data protection declaration will be published on the personal page.

Edition 1/2018-06-01

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